US Statement on Zanzibar

We welcome the news that the Zanzibar leaders of the isles ’ two major political parties have met to discuss “the need to maintain peace and harmony as well as understanding and cooperation among all Zanzibaris.” We have long called for Zanzibar’s leaders to champion peaceful, constructive and fair politics so that no Zanzibari feels permanently excluded from having a voice in government and no Zanzibari need fear political reprisal. We hope that Zanzibar’s leaders will follow up this meeting with concrete measures to establish a healthy political climate in Zanzibar that promotes good governance and economic development for all. A first step would be for leaders to instruct their supporters to desist from violence. We share the vision of the two leaders that if Zanzibar can overcome its several decades of bitter political divisions, then the creative, dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit of the Zanzibari people will be unleashed for the
benefit of all Zanzibaris, their fellow Tanzanians and indeed all of East Africa and beyond. Zanzibar has made significant contributions to world culture. It is time for Zanzibaris once again to show the world what they can achieve.


One thought on “US Statement on Zanzibar

  1. The decision taken by CUF is a crucial step towards achieving peace and settlement of the long term dispute, some members of CUF find it as a betrayal by their leaders but in real sense it is not, compromises have to be made for settlement of such serious conflicts. LET US ALL LEARN FROM THE SOUTH AFRICANS’S WHEN POWER WAS BEING TRANSFERED TO THE AFRICANS.

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