Betrayal of Popular Hopes: Appendicies

He who killed Zanzibar democracy in 2005

Masauni Yusuf Masaufi, ZEC Chairman: He who killed Zanzibar democracy in 2005

“What surprised us and which demonstrates that there is not a shadow of a doubt that your commission conducts its work according to political to political allegiance and not according to the principles of rights, duty, intelligence and wisdom, was seeing that all those opposed by CCM on the general grounds that the were “supporters of CUF” were dropped and not one of them was appointed to be a Returning Officer or Assistant Returning Officer.” CUF’s letter to ZEC Chairman, Masauni Yusuf Masauni


Appendix 1

Our Ref: CUF/HQ/ZEC/037/2004/011

Your Ref: Date: October 15, 2004

Hon. Masauni Yusuf Masauni,


Electoral Commission Zanzibar,

P. O. Box 1001,



The deliberate strategy of the Commission to upset the General Election of 2005 through the political appointment of Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officers for the Election

I have been driven to write this letter to you, and through you, to the Electoral Commission of Zanzibar to oppose the recent steps taken by the commission in its appointing of Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officers, steps which demonstrate a deliberate attempt to disrupt the general election of 2005 and to increase the likelihood of widespread disturbance.

Mr. Chairman, it is saddening to see your commission deciding to be led by political loyalties instead of prioritizing the qualities of integrity, respect for human rights, diligence, and wisdom in the appointing of officers who will be the chief administrators of the Electoral Commission in the districts.

Returning officers and their assistants will be the representatives as well as being the link between the Headquarters of the Commission and the district offices offices responsible for the administration and supervision of the election. It is clear, therefore, that these roles require people of ability, who are not strong supporters of political parties and who can be relied upon to carry out their responsibilities diligently and without favour of any kind.

Above all, in light of the history of elections under the multi-party system in Zanzibar of 1995 and 2000, these people should not have a record of being associated with the disruption of these prior elections which internal and external observes described as a ‘shambles’. Having people who were associated in any way with the supervision or administration of these elections is enough to undermine the preparation and direction of the 2005 general election.

Mr. Chairman, your commission advertised the positions of these officers and requested Zanzibaris with ability and reputation to apply through the commission. We understand that many Zanzibaris applied for these positions and your commission made a list of their names and sent the list to the political parties so they could give their opinion. CUF did this as evidenced by letter, (ref. No. CUF/HQ/ZEC/037/2004/5 of 23/09/2004). We understand that CCM also did this by letter, (ref. No. CCM/AKZ/U.30/22/Vol. VI o f 23/09/2004)

What surprised us and which demonstrates that there is not a shadow of a doubt that your commission conducts its work according to political to political allegiance and not according to the principles of rights, duty, intelligence and wisdom, was seeing that all those opposed by CCM on the general grounds that the were “supporters of CUF” were dropped and not one of them was appointed to be a Returning Officer or Assistant Returning Officer.

Moreover, your commission approved and appointed those who had been opposed by CUF with supporting evidence in each case for each individual. This simply cannot be a more coincidence. It shows a clear strategy by your commission to favour CCM by listening to and implementing its demands; and to discriminate against CUF by disregarding all of the objections that the party rose. This is not right and should not stand.

Mr. Chairman, your commission does not even bother to hide the way in which it is undermining the preparations for the running of the general election of 2005. Starting with the registration of voters in the permanent voter register, your Information Officer, Idrisa Haji Jecha, issued a deliberately misleading press release (as he has done on many occasions) claiming that both political parties, CCM and CUF, had objected the officers that had been appointed by the commission and that the commission had decided to ignore the complaints of both parties. He issued this report after CUF had issued a press release from the Deputy Head of Media and Communications, Salim Bimani that it did not agree with the officers who they and that therefore this proved the commission’s independence. This is a lie, it is misleading and it is hypocritical. CCM did not issue any report at all objecting to the officers who were appointed. And if the previous letter of opposition to those listed is consulted it is clear that be commission did not ignore the objections of CCM, rather it satisfied them. This is why all of those who were objected to by CCM were not appointed. It is correct to say that the commission ignored the objections raised by CUF by appointing even those CUF had rejected and satisfied the demands of CCM by dropping all those it had opposed.

We would like to return again to those officers appointed by your commission. CUF does not agree to the appointment of those listed below for the reasons which we explained in our earlier letter, referenced above. For ease of reference, we will repeat our arguments in relation to those who have been appointed.



He is an open supporter of CCM who has publicly insulted CUF and its members, and other Zanzibari citizens. Someone with such an extreme and partisan position cannot fairly supervise the election as required by the terms of reference of the Electoral Commission.



She is the Headmistress of Vikokotoni Secondary School and is an open supporter of CCM who is well known for her rude and offensive comments about the opposition. She is also a leader of the CCM Union of Wemon (UWT). A person with partisan views and a leadership position within the CCM party cannot be expected to impartially supervise voting as she is required to do in the carrying out of the business of the Electoral Commission.



This person has a truly bad record of supervising and administering elections under the multi – party system in 1995 and 2000 which upset Zanzibar and led to widespread violence. During the election of 1995 he was a Registration Officer for the constituency of Mfenesini and during the election of 2000.

He was the Registration Officer for Koani. In both these elections, he participated in the registration of people who should not have been registered and refused to register others who had every right to vote. Moreover, he is an open hardline CCM supporter who has publicly insulted CUF members and Zanzibar citizens. Someone with a hardline position and a dirty record during the election of 1995 and 2000 like this person cannot possible have reformed himself to the extent that he is able to fairly carry out the duties of the Electoral Commission.



Currently Government sports officers for the Southern District of Unguja he is a supporter of CCM who has bad things to say about CUF members. He was a Registration Clerk and then Polling Clerk at the Station of Kizimkazi, Dimbani in the constituency of Muyuni during the elections which were discredited of 1995 and 2000. When he was in these positions he demonstrated his partisanship openly and broke the code of conduct of the commission by forcing old men and women to vote for the CCM candidate and by threatening those who refused to do so. A partisan with a record of failing to carry out his rights and duties to supervise those of others as requires by the terms of reference of the Electoral Commission should not be allowed to disrupt again the election of 2005.



He is an open supporter of CCM who is known for insulting CUF members in the area where he lives at Kizimbani, West District, Unguja. Among his recent activities during September 2004 he instigated and participated in the taking down of the CUF flag which was flying above a newly inaugurated branch in Machui. A man with a hardline stance like this cannot fairly and honestly supervise the conduct of the election according to the Commission’s terms of reference.



She has a bad record in supervising and running the elections of 1995 and 2000 which were deliberately disrupted. In both these elections she was a Registration Officer in the constituency of Chaani and she was responsible for registering people who should not have been and for refusing to register legitimate voters. She is an open supporter of CCM who is well known for her hostile views towards CUF members. A partisan with a record of failing yo carry out her rights and duties and to supervise the rights of others as required by the terms of reference of the Electoral Commission should not be allowed to disrupt again the election 2005.



He had a bad record in the election of 2000 which was deliberately disrupted. He was a Registration Officer in the Konde constituency and he widespread registering of false voters and the refusal of registration to prople who were entitled to vote. Someone with a hardline position and a dirty record during the election of 1995 and 2000 like this person cannot possible have reformed himself to the extent that be is able to fairly supervise the duties of the Electoral Commission.



She is an open supporter of CCM who was formerly a CCM leader. She was Secretary of the CCM Union of Parents up until the internal party elections of 2002. it is clear that she is not suitable to be appointed to this role according to the criteria publicized by your commission and therefore we cannot agree that she will supervise in an honest and just way as the business of the elections requires.



He was a leader of CCM. He was chief assistant secretary of CCM in the Southern Region of Region of Pemba. In the CCM election of 2002 he contested the chairmanship of the party in Mkoani district but he was defeated. He has a soiled record in supervising and administering multi-party elections, for example he was the source of much disruption when he was Assistant Registration Officer in Mkoani during the general election of 2000. He is obviously unsuitable for the role of returning officer according to the rules laid down by your commission, and in addition his record shows he is incapable of providing the honest and just supervision that is required in this election.

Mr. Chairman, those mentioned above, according to the explanations that follow each of their named, are unsuitable to be servants of your commission, a commission which claims that it will supervise and administer a free and fair election in 2005. the appointment of these people and the granting to them of responsibilities by your commission while many of them are known to have participated in the disruption of previous elections (see the Report of the Electoral Commission of Zanzibar into the General Election of 2000, in the list of Principal Agents of the 2000 Election, pages, 74 – 78) proves that your commission does not have good intentions towards Zanzibar and its people.

The political agreement that was reached and signed between CCM and CUF clearly explains the need to conduct “elections which are open, credible and free of controversy,” in order to avoid conflict in our country. To appoint people who were part of the problem and disruption of previous elections is not in keeping with the aim of conducting elections which are transparent, which are respected and without conflict. We asked ourselves, Mr. Chairman, is it necessary to continue with these same people in every election that takes place in Zanzibar? Or are these indeed the people who have been trained and who best know how to disrupt our elections and thus throw the country into disarray?

When your commission was appointed after the ‘Muafaka’ agreement, not one of the former commissioners was reappointed. This meant it had a fresh start. By clinging to former officers of the commission in this way, your commission is returning us back into problems which each one of us is tired of, except perhaps those who benefit from this act.

Mr. Chairman, it should be emphasized that the goodwill described above which we felt towards you when you were appointed, which continued even when you made the decision regarding the by – election in 17 constituencies in Pemba with which we did not agree, is now starting to diminish as a result of this decision of yours which is aimed at defending the political interests of CCM rather than prioritizing the heavy responsibility have been given of supervising elections which are free and fair and thereby rescuing our country from the dark clouds of disaster which loom on the horizon.

CUF strongly encourages you and your commission, Mr. Chairman, to take concrete steps to rectify this situation by reviewing again the appointment of Returing and Assistant Returning Officers to avoid a repetition of what happed during and after the elections of 1995 and 2000. Prevention is better than cure.

We all understand that disrupting the general Election in Zanzibar in 2005 could result in many unintended deaths in a fashion similar to the events of January 2001 that sent many Zanzibaris to their deaths and left others disabled, blind and paralysed up till today.

It is better and in fact it is the duty of the Zanzibar Electoral Commission led by you to carry out its responsibilities without hate or discrimination and to deliver Zanzibar and Tanzania peacefully through this difficult period leading up to the election.


Seif Sharif Hamad


Appendix 2


Friday, October 28, 2005



Zanzibar has witnessed two stolen elections before in 1995 and 2000, as well as excessive force on behalf of the security forces resulting in the deaths of over 40 people in 2001.

There are many signs that similar plans are afoot this time. CUF has reason to believe that the governments of Zanzibar and Tanzania are planning to rig or to spoil the election in Zanzibar using the security forces. We would like to bring recent activities to the attention of the press and to demand action from the governments and from the Zanzibar Electoral Commission that the elections are peaceful, free and fair.


Yesterday, CUF was informed by ZEC that the Union Army (Tanzania People’s Defence Force) has been given the authority to not only distribute voting materials to polling stations but also to supervise the collection of the results and ballot papers from the polls. The use of the Army to distribute ballot materials is not ideal but we do not oppose it, however, CUF cannot accept the use of the Army to collect ballot materials, and in particular ballot papers and results forms from polling stations. This is contrary to democratic procedures and in the context of Zanzibar’s electoral history, it is very worrying.

There are 2,700 army and 100 Special Forces on Pemba and 4,500 Army with 165 Special Forces on Unguja who have been brought here with heavy equipment. We fear they have been brought here for the purpose of interfering in the election, and ZEC’s close co – operation with the Army would appear to bear that out. There is no logistical reason for the Army to be involved at all.

CUF calls on President Mkapa, the Commander in Chief, to make sure that the election remains a civilian exercise apart from the necessary co – operation of the police. CUF calls on the Army to respect democratic principles and procedures and to remain in its barracks until people have their leaders.


Secondly, CUF has learned that the National Intelligence Service (Usalama wa Taifa) are closely involved with ZEC and that NIS officers are working with Returning Officers at the regional and district level. In particular, we believe that NIS has been involved in the hiring of junior polling staff (Polling Officers, Polling Clerks and Polling Assistants), many of whom do not meet the minimum educational and literacy requirements.

These junior staff has been receiving training in seminars in recent days which is unsatisfactory. They are not fully briefed on the proper laws and procedures to the extent that in the seminars they are being taught to break the law.

The National Governing Council of CUF met to discuss this last night and now calls on ZEC to make a public statement on state television and radio explaining the responsibilities and duties of polling staff and agents so that there is no confusion as to their role and the interpretation of the law.

In particular, ZEC should make a public statement:

  1. to clarify the position of people whose names do not appear in the Permanent Voters Register
  2. to affirm the right of agents to investigate suspicious practices in the polling station, including to investigate impersonation of a voter (electoral law para 64, clause 2)
  3. to affirm the right of each candidate to appoint an agent
  4. to affirm the right of each party to attach its seal to ballot boxes
  5. to affirm the requirement that the forms for Presidential results form in the polling station, after results have been agreed, and the requirement that the forms should be posted on the wall outside the polling stations afterwards.
  6. to repudiate the role of the army in collecting ballot papers and results.

CUF reaffirms the position of the National Governing Council that it will not accept any result which is not based on a free and fair process and reaffirms the belief of the party that it is our constitutional right to demonstrate peacefully if the democratic wishes of the Zanzibar people are suppressed.

Thank you

Professor Ibrahim Lipumba, Chairman and Union Presidential Candidate

Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, Secretary General and Zanzibar Presidential Candidate

Appendix 3

Our Ref: CUF/HQ/AKM/003/100/2005 Date: Oktoba 31, 2005

Your Ref:

Mhe. Masauni Yussuf Masauni


Tume ya Uchaguzi ya Zanzibar,



Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti,


Mambo yanayozua mashaka katika Uchaguzi Mkuu wa Zanzibar uliofanyika Oktoba 30, 2005

Kufuatia kukamilika kwa zoezi la kupiga kura na kuhesabu kura katika maeneo mengi ya Zanzibar, kuna mambo kadhaa yaliyojitokeza ambayo yanati mashaka iwapo kweli uchaguzi huo wa Rais wa Zanzibar, Wajumbe wa Baraza la Wawakilishi na Madiwani ulikuwa huru na wa haki na ambao utatoa picha halishi ya matakwa ya wapiga kura wa Zanzibar.

Nikiwa mgombea urais wa Zanzibar kwa tiketi ya CUF, nawasilisha kwako malalamiko yangu rasmi kuhisiana na baadhi ya mambo ambayo nahitaji Tume yako inipatie ufafanuzi mimi na chama changu, kabla ya Tume yako kuchukua hatua ya kutangaza matokeo hayo. Mambo hayo pamoja ni haya yafuatayo:

Tume yako kushindwa kabisa kunipatia mimi na chama changu nakala ya Daftari la Kudumu la Wapiga kura lenye orodha kamili kwa nchi nzima pamoja na mhyambuliko wa kila jimbo na kila kituo cha kupigia kura kama ulivyokuwa umeniahidi katima mikutano yetu miwili nilipofika ofisini kwako, mara moja nikiwa na katibu Mkuu wa CCM tarehe 30 Septemba na mara ya pili Jumatatu tarehe 24 Oktoba.

Majina ya wapiga kura wengi halali kutoonekana kabisa katika orodha ya wapiga lira iliyokuwa imebandikwa katika vituo siku ya kupiga kura au majina kuonekana katika orodha zilizokuwa nje lakini baadaye kutoonekana katika orodha za vituturi vya kupiga kura. Taarifa kutoka kwa Wagombea wetu wa ngazi ya Majimbo zimethibitisha kuwa takribani wapiga kura zaidi ya 1,000 wamekosa haki yao ya kupiga kura katika kila jimbo. Inakisiwa takriban wapiga kura 80,000 walinyimwa haki yao ya kupiga kura kutokana na mpango huu. Tunapata wasiwasi kwamba sababu ya kutopewa nakala ya Daftari ni kutufanya tushindwe kugundua njama hizi za watu waliokatwa majina yao katika orodha hizi. Hata ambayo ni 507,025 na ile iliyorekodiwa kufuatana nataarifa tulizopata kwamba walipiga kura ambayo haitazidi 420,000.

Katika baadhi ya vituo vya kupiga kura na majimbo kumejitokeza matokeo na fomu za matokeo kwa vituturi ambayo havikuwepo kabisa, jambo linaloonyesha kuna masanduku ya kura yaliyoongezwa baadaye au takwimu zimetayarishwa bila ya masanduku yenyewe kuwepo. Mfano mzuri ni katika jimbo la Bububu, kituo cha Bububu ambapo CUF ilikuwa mshindi katika jimbo hilo hadi kura zinamalizika kuhesabiwa kwa idadi ya 97 lakini baadaye Msimamizi wa uchaguzi ametangaza ushindi wa CCM kwa kura 370 ambazo zimetokana na kituo kipya kilichorekodiwa lakini hakikuwepo kabisa.

Idadi kubwa ya watu waliotoka nje ya majimbo ambao waliletwa kwa magari ya wazi na kulazimishwa kwa mtutu wa bunduki kupitia Vikosi vya SMZ kupiga kura. Haya yamefanywa baada ya vituo vyenyewe kutekwa na mawakala wa CUF kukatazwa kuhoji chochote. Mifano ya maeneo yanayohusika ni Kituo cha Madawa, Forodhani, Vikokotoni, Bwawani Hotel na Darajani katika jimbo la Mji mkongwe, kituo cha Eacrotanal na Miembeni katika jimbo la Kikwajuni, vituo vya Mtopepo, mtoni Kiwanda cha viatu na Skuli ya Mton katika jimbo la Mtoni, vituo vya Nkurumah, Beit –el – Raas, Kibweni na Skuli ya Bububu kwa jimbo la Bububu, Kigunda, Nungwi, Kidoti na Tazari kwa jimbo la Nungwi, Kitogani kwa jimbo la Muyuni na Kizimkazi na Makunduchi kwa jimbo la Makunduchi.

Vituo vingi vya kuhesabu kura havikuwa na fomu za matokeo na hivyo mawakala wetu katika vituo vingi wameshindwa kupata uthibitisho wa matokeo hayo. Hali hii imejitokeza hata baada ya ujumbe wa CUF ukiongozwa na Mwenyekiti wetu, Mhe. Ibrahim Lipumba, kuwasilisha malalamiko rasmi kuhusu kukosekana kwa fomu hizo mapema kabla ya kazi ya kuhesabu kura kuanza na wewe kumhakikishia kwamba fomu zimepelekwa katika vituo vyote. Hali hii inatia mashaka matokeo ya uchaguzi mtakayoyatangaza kama kweli yanawakilisha matakwa ya wapiga kura kama yalivyorekodiwa vituoni.

Haya na mengine yanatia dosari juu ya uchaguzi huu na matokeo yake. Naiomba Tume yako ichukue hatua ya kutoa ufafanuzi wa kina na unaotosheleza juu ya masuala haya kabla ya kutangaza matokeo yoyote ya uchaguzi.

Nataraji kwa maslahi ya Zanzibar na watu wake, Tume yako na wewe mwenyewe, Mhe. Mwenyekiti, utayazingatia haya.


Seif Sharif Hamad

Mgombea Urais wa Zanzibar kwa tiketi ya CUF

Appendix 4


FAX: 255-24-2233828 P.O.BOX 1001

TEL:      255-24-2231489      ZANZIBAR

REF: NO: TUZ/33/05/06/52. TANZANIA

TAREHE: 01 November 2005

Mheshimiwa Seif Sharif Hamad

Mgombea Urais wa Zanzibar

Kwa tiketi ya CUF


Kuh: Mambo yanayozua mashaka katika Uchaguzi Mkuu wa Zanzibar uliofanyika Oktoba 30, 2005

Tafadhali husika na barua yako CUF/HQ/AKM/003/100/2005 Ya tarehe Oktoba 31, 2005.

Kabla sijaingia kujibu hoja moja baada ya nyengine kama ulivyozitoa, nina mambo mawili ya ujumla ya kuelezea.

Awali ya yote utangazaji wa matokeo ya uchaguzi wa Rais ni swala ambalo linatawaliwa na Sheria ya Uchaguzi kifungu cha 42 (6) ambacho kinasema:

Kutokana na kifungu hicho utakubaliana nami kuwa Tume haina mamlaka ya kuahirisha kutangaza matokeo ya uchaguzi wa Rais zinapotimu siku tatu tokea uchaguzi huo kufanyika. Sidhani kama unanitaka mimi na Tume tuvunje sheria ya nchi.

Pili matatizo aliyojitokeza yaliwakumbavyama vyote na wagombea wote wa kiti cha Rais wa Zanzibar. Matatizo hayo hayakulengwa kwa chama fulani kimojawapo au mgombea fulani mmojawapo. Kwa mfano, tuchukulie, kwa sababu ya ubishani, yaani let us take it for the sake of argument, kwamba kuna wapiga kura 80,000 ambao wamenyimwa haki zao za kupiga kura. Idadi hiyo ni wapenzi wa vyama mbalimbali ambao hatuwezi kujua wamegawanyika vipi katika vyama mbalimbali labda kama unadai kuwa wapiga kura hao wote ni wanachama wa CUF.

Sasa nigeukie hoja zako tano na kuzijibu kama ifuatavyo:

  1. Ni kweli kuwa ulikuja kwangu mara mbili kama ulivyotaja na tuliongea na nilikuambia kuwa vyama vyote vitapatiwa nakala ya Daftari la Kudumu la Wapiga kura. Lakini, utakumbuka kuwa mara zote nilikutanabahisha kuwa shughuli ya kusafisha Daftari ilichukua muda ambao hatukuutarajia na hivyo tukachelewa kutayarisha nakala safi ya Daftari hilo. Usiku wa tarehe 29 Oktoba, Ndugu Ayub alifika Ofisini kwangu na nilimtaka aje asubuhi yake kuchukua nakala lakini hakufanya hivyo.
  2. Sidhani kama ni sahihi kuwa “majina ya wapiga kura wengi halali” hayakuonekana katika orodha za wapiga kura zilizobandikwa nje ya vituo. Sikatai kuwa inawezekana kuwa wapo wachache ambao majina yao yalikosekana. Lakini idadi ya 80,000 au wapiga kura 1,000 kwa kila jimbo la uchaguzi ni idadi kubwa mno kwa hali ya Zanzibar. Kuna majina 2007 ya waliojiandikisha kupiga kura ambayo yalifutwa kutokana na usafishaji wa Daftari kazi ambayo vyama vyote, kikiwemo cha CUF, walitusisitiza tufanye.
  3. Kulitokea usumbufu wa baadhi ya watu kutoona majina yao nje ya vituo lakini wengine walikosea kuyatafuta majina yao kwa kutumia alphabeti. Watu wengine hawakuyaona majina yao katika nakala ya Daftari ndani ya kituo ingawa yalikuwa yamebandikwa nje ya kituo. Hii ighalab ilitokezana na kutokujua kituo kipi kati ya vituo vilivyokuwepo katika sehemu moja matu huyo alipaswa kwenda kupiga kura. Tume tulijua kuwa matatizo kama hayo yatajitokeza na hivyo tuliweka watu maalum wa kusaidia wapiga kura katika kutambua majiina yao na kituo kipi cha kupigia kura.Tofauti kati ya idadi ya watu walioandikishwa kupiga kura kwenye Daftari na idadi ya wale ambao hasa wamepiga kura inakuwepo siku zote mahali popote duniani. Sio wote waliojiandikisha hutoka kwenda kupiga kura kwa sababu mbalimbali.
  4. Ni vigumu kuona vipi viongezwa vituturi vipya katika vituo na hivyo kuongezwa baadaye masanduku ya kura au kutia takwimu tu bila ya masanduku yenyewe kuwepo. Kila chama kilikuwa na wakala katika kila kituo. Mawakala wote walikuwa wakinukuu nambari (serial numbers) za karatasi za kura zilizopewa kila kituo na hivyo kujua kituo kilipewa idadi gani ya karatasi za kura. Taarifa hizi hazikutiwa kwenye fomu ya matokeo kwani taarifa hizi zinanukuliwa pale kituo kinapotaka kufunguliwa na wakati huo fomu za matokeo hazijaanza kutumika. Kabla ya kuhesabu kura hesabu inapigwa ya kujua idadi gani ya kura inapaswa kuwemo katika kila sanduku la kura. Hii inapatikana kwa kutoa kwenye jumla ya idadi za karatasi za kura ambazo kituo kimepewa zile kkaratasi za kura ambazo hazikutumika na zile zilizo haribika. Baada ya kutambua kila sanduku la kura linapaswa kuwa na karatasi ngapi za kura ndipo sanduku moja baada ya lengine linakatwa lakiri na kuyafungua. Hatua inayofuata ni kuhesabu tu idadi ya karatasi za kura katika kila sanduku ambayo ni lazima ioane na ile idadi iliyopatikana na kufanya hesabu tu hata kabla ya kufungua sanduku. Kama idadi hiyo haioani mawakala wa CUF walipaswa kueleza hivyo katika fomu maalum wazijazazo kuhusu uendeshaji mzima wa uchaguzi.
  5. Kuhusu utekwaji nyara wa vituo vitano vya Jimbo la Mji Mkongwe, vituo viwili vya Jimbo la Kikwajuni, vituo vitatu vya Jimbo la Mtoni, vituo vine vya Jimbo la Bububu, vituo vinne vya Jimbo la Nungwi, kituo kimoja kimoja kwa majimbo ya Muyuni na makunduchi, mimi binafsi wala Tume haina habari. Laiti tungepewa taarifa hapo mambo hayo yalipotokea tungeweza kuchukua hatua zipasazo.
  6. Uchunguzi wetu tulioufanya kuhusu dai la kuwa vituo vingi havikupewa fomu za matokeo umeonyesha kuwa dai hilo sio kweli. Baada ya kupata malalamiko kama hayo Tume iliwapeleka Makamu wa Mwenyekiti, Jaji Augustino Ramadhani na Kamishna Nassor Seif Amour kuchunguza na waliridhika wote wawili kuwa sio kweli.

Zipo fomu za matokeo kwa kila mojawapo ya uchaguzi: wa Rais, wa Mwakilishi, na wa Diwani. Kwa kila moja ya hizo fomu ipo fomu ya kituoni na fomu ya Jimboni. Sasa ilitokezea kasoro katika baadhi ya vituo kuwa walipewa fomu zote tatu au fomu mbili za aina moja au walipewa fomu za jimboni badala ya zile za kituoni. Lakini hitilafu hiyo haikuathiri kitu kwani maelezo muhimu kuhusu matokeo ni yale yale katika fomu zote hizo.

Tatizo lengine lililojitokeza ni kuwa mawakala walikataa kutia saini au kuchukua nakala za fomu za matokeo hadi nakala hizo zipigwe mihuri ya Tume. Sheria haihitaji hivyo lakini pamoja na hayo ujumbe wa Makamu wa Mwenyekiti na Mhe. Nassor walitoa maagizo kwa wasimamizi wa vituo kuzipiga muhuri nakala za matokeo ya uchaguzi.

Hivyo hakuna dosari zozote katika uchaguzi isipokuwa labda ile ya kuvamia vituo na watu ambao hawakujiandikisha kupiga kura wakapiga kura.

Masauni Yusuf Masauni


Tume ya Uchaguzi ya Zanzibar



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